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001. Voting goes towards icons that you DO NOT want to see go on to the next round. Do not vote for what you think is the best icon or what your favorite icon is.
002. Comments/Constructive criticism is required for at least one icon. Feel free to comment on as many icons as you like, PLEASE! I would like to have at least 1/2 comments for each icon.
003. All those who entered the contest are only asked to leave comments/constructive criticism. They are asked not to vote off any icons.
004. Judging will end 10pm EST Sunday November 20.

Things to Note:
-- There will be TWO icons voted out this week.
-- All comments will remain anonymous.




Example Vote
##, ##, ## (starting with your LEAST favorite icon)
Icon ##: comments and/or constructive criticism

Helpful Examples:
-- While I didn't dislike this icon, I didn't believe it matched up to the others. I like this that and the other thing.
or something like:
-- My overall favorite. Simple, straight to the point. The cropping is great and the text fits nicely, although I don't see the point of the tiny text.

How the Points Add Up:
##, ##, ##
+3, +2, +1 points

This is like golf. You want the least amount of points. Those with the highest amount of points will be eliminated from the rest of the Contest.

Don't forget to help spread the word about this contest! We can always use not only more icon makers, but more voters!
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