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Those not continuing to the next round are the makers of these icons:

Now for a little bit of stuff that probably nobody will read. However, I am going to leave things anonymous unless told otherwise. Those who have been removed this round will not have their username revealed unless they wish it so (LEAVE A REPLY).

The same goes with the comments for the icons. All those will remain anonymous unless the member specifically requests that they would like people to know. That will change the whole voting process and that will be something else asked for during that whole thing, but for right now, if you would like me to credit the comments that you made to you, please leave a reply to this post.

***Please do not take these as insults. These comments are there to help you further your own skills, to learn from others, and to see what people are looking for in icons these days. Don't just read your own comments, lots of them in here have some really good ideas/helpful hints. Thank you.***

I enjoy the lack of bright colors on number 1 but find the text hard to read

I like number one. But the color that they made the icon doesn't really match the color of Harry. I think they should have went with a more blueish color in my opinion. Also the text fits the picture well and I like the overall effect, I just don't like the color.

I really really like the cropping and text placement of this icon. The font fits well as well. I however don't like how I can't tell who the icon is of

I like this icon a lot. I love the text and the simplciity of the image. I feel it could be improved by making Harry's silhouette clearer.

I really like this icon. I especially like the brush in the corner. Nevertheless I feel that you could have omitted the black tiny text.

The text is a bit blurry and doesn't really add much to the icon. i feel as if noting was really done to the icon. I also feel that they should have cropped dan + emma more right-wards, not so centered.

Is very plain. But sometimes less is more.

I love the cropping however the text seems out of place. The coloring is simple but i don't think it fits whith the text. The heart brush seems too strong and out of place on the icon imo.

Nice and simple, but the text is boring.

A nice concept and not a bad icon. Unfortunately icon 10 just did this idea better in my opinion. I like the brush in the background, but feel that to improve a different font could have been chosen, and I could do without the heart.

I feel you could have worked a bit more with this icon.

The pictures are not very good quality, and everything is rather blurry. No effects or design... anything... was added to the pictures themselves. It just makes for a rather plain icon- jazz it up! :)

The text fits perfectly, but I would just try to find another way to convey it. Also Ginny's picture could have been better. Maybe they could have blended them together? I don't like the chunky border.

I usually like boxy icons but the aspect ratio of Ginny's face seems off which ruins the icon for me. I love the idea but I don't think the font choice fits.

The lyrics go perfectly with the idea. However try some coloring to make the pictures go together.

Perhaps you could have merged both images together or evened out a bit more the image of the wall and Ginny as she seems rather squashed in there.

This could have been a really great icon if it hadn't been for the plain yellow border. Yellow normally doesn't act as a good border alone. the one color theme is nice, and the lyrics do fit with the character in the icon.

I really like this. I like the colour and the way colour has been used to bring the whole icon together. I also like the font choices and the use of brushes, which is not overdone.

Lovely icon though personally I'd have liked a bit of a variation from all the yellow colourisation. I like the light in the top right corner and the way you placed the text.

this was a nice icon, the cropping was very nice and the icon placement was nice, i just wished they had done more with the picture itself. but still very nice!

I LOVE this icon. I thought it was the best among these. Simple and nice, good text. Great cropping.

I like the cropping and the text placement and the white bars. However i think that some coloring would make it more distintive. This is my favorite in the bunch though.

A nice, well balanced icon. I like the boldness of the text, balanced out by the tiny text running up the side. The image is striking and has been highlighted with a nice flash of white. Very nice!

This icon appears to be quite simple and yet I like it.

The blend of the colors isn't really all that nice, some areas are greenish and some are pale sickly colors. I think with this certain scheme a lot could had been done- had it been more saturated and vibrant. It enhances the picture.

The text is hard to read maybe a drop shadow would help. Harry also seems blurry. I love the cropping.

I do like this icon. I feel that it is slightly put into the shade by being placed next to #7, which is basically the same concept, but more to my taste. However, when looking at it for its own merits, I do like the subdued colouring and the subdued nature of the text. I also really like the cropping so close to his face.

I really like this one. I liked the grid-like texture behind Harry. And the image matches so perfectly to the lyrics!

Very nice! i love the warm and cooler tone mix. the cropping and positioning of the icon is very pretty. The color scheme is very appealing to the eye and the font is crisp and goes well the the icons vibe!

The best of the bunch. Good picture placement, good textures, good font/text.

Grabbed my attention right away. The coloring is nice, and cropping the main picture into a smaller rectangle within the icon works well. I'm not a huge fan of lighting textures, but that's just me.

I love the coloring and text of this icon. I don't know how i feel about the top rectangle it doesn't seem to fit.

A beautiful icon. I love the text and the texture behind it. I also like the crispness of the picture. I could have lived without the light effect brushes.

This is my overall favourite. The image matched perfectly with the lyrics and I loved the cropping. The text is just right and I also liked the bright texture/brush you used.

The pic is so dark and blurry. the bright white text against the dark blue background is a bit harsh and not really very nice looking. it is cropped well- and the brush was a nice thought, but in truth the picture needs some lightening and the brushes and text need to be sharpened, darkened and less harsh.

The image doesn't have good quality - it looks kinda pixely. H & Hr are washed out, and the text isn't helping the icon, it's just slapped on the side.

I thought this one´s a bit too dark.

This icon is really dark and I can't make out who it is. The cropping is really interesting however.

Good icon tech, however the picture isn't the best quality, also Hermione's eyes are closed.

A nice, simple, icon. I am torn about the blurriness - part of me thinks it looks artistic, while the other part of me wants to see it sharper! I like the text, but find the squiggle a little pointless.

I like the icon but the text doesn't really seem to fit in with the image in my opinion.

The picture is excellent quality, and it is colorized nicely. maybe some more added to the icon? less plain? but it is very nice!

This is one of the canon!hermione!blue!dress! icons i like. The blue isn't shocking or undersaturated. Good job on that. The bars where the text are seem to be out of place with the icon though.

I really like this icon. It has clean bright colours and feels very 'modern'. I like the cropping and the picture choice matches the lyric well I feel.

I love what you did with this icon. I'd have preferred a lighter shade of blue for Hermione's dress, but I still say, lovely icon!

I don't really find bright red icons very attractive. the layout of the icon is nice, the text is well placed and the image is of good quality. the redness throws me off. i just find it to bleach out all the life in the picture.

I really like this icon. The colouring is gorgeous and I love the text. Beautiful!

Wow this icon is red. I don't know how i feel about the coloring. I love the cropping.

I like this icon although I'm not particularly fond of the cropped images you put at the sides.

I really like the theme of number 11 but i think that the text getting cut off at the end loses some of that in this case

For the most part this is a nice icon. i wish the greenish yellow the icon maker used was a bit warmer, it would be an amazing mix with lily's hair... this yellow makes it a bit bozo the clown like... but it is nice :)

I like the concept of this icon, but I feel it would have benifitted from more subtle colouring and also less brushes: I feel they make it look a little messy.

My least favorite. I don´t like the colors very much, but maybe that´s because I´m not fond of yellow. I also think the font of ´worth´ wasn´t the best choice. The picture/lyric idea is good, though.

The picture of the parents is a little hard to make out. Maybe they could have found a better one where both the faces were visible. And thats really all I don't like. Oh! Also the placement of the text, or the style of it. And I don't like the color yellow but I won't hold that against them.

I really don't like this icon. I don't like the border and that ruins it for me. The coloring is also strong. I like the thing under the word worth though.

I would like to thank those who left comments for every single one of the icons, you are marvelous and I would give you candy if I knew you personally. Thankfully I don't because I don't have the money to buy even candy.

I will post the next round tommorrow.
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