Becca (painstakingly) wrote in hp_idols,

Due Date: 10pm EST Sunday December 4

How many: Only 1 icon
**Members: Only those who submitted during the last contest and are permitted to continue to the next round. See [ this post ] to find out whether or not you can submit. Only 9 iconmakers are allowed this round
LJ Standards: A maximum of 100x100 & 40kb
Anonymity: Icons must be recently made, not publicly posted, or participating in another contest.
Submitting: You must be a member. Leave icons as a comment to this screened entry.
Content: All icons must be from Harry Potter.
Restrictions: You must have a song title included on your icon. No alteration of the title is permitted, you must use the COMPLETE title. Yes, you are permitted to exchange an "&" for "and".

**note that if you are unable to participate in this round, you will be removed from the rest of the Challenge. Unless the submitter requests an extension or leaves a comment saying when they will be able to submit an icon, they will not be allowed to continue. Thank you.

Example of a Submission:

Song Title - Artist

We can still use some more members. Anybody want to help spread the word about this contest? It would kind of be hard to vote without enough members.

All members who took part in the last round can see [ this post ] for your comments.
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