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The Suggestion Box

Harry Potter Icontests
ginny_challenge // Ginny Challenge: A Ginny Weasley Icontest
gof_stills // A Goblet of Fire Icon Contest
hgranger_chorus // Hermione Granger Chorus
hhr_lims // Last Icon Maker Standing, Harry/Hermione style
hp__ichallenge // HP__iCHALLENGE
hp_hush // HP Hush
hp_oscars // HP Oscars
rh_challenge // The Ron/Hermione Challenge
rh_stillness // Ron and Hermione Stillness
snape_stillness // Severus Snape Stillness
the_house_cup // Hogwart's House Cup Challenge
trio_stillness // HP Trio Stillness

Harry Potter Communities
hp_musicvids // Harry Potter Music Videos

Anime/Manga Icontests
death_contest // Death Note Icon Awards

Disney Icontests
disneyawards // Disney Icon Awards

Icon Journals
hells_icon // painstakingly // Friends Only

Miscellaneous Icontests
my_own_100 // 100 Icons That Are Mine, All Mine!
random_awards // Random Awards

Movie Icontests
lotr_sw_hp_art // Lord of the Rings - Star Wars - Harry Potter Icontest
silver_icontest // Stars of the Silver Screen

People Icontests
gackt_icontest // Gacht Camui
johnny_icontest // Johnny Depp
robert_icontest // Robert Pattinson

TV Show Icontests
rome_icontest // HBO's Rome
theoc_icontest // The O.C.

Video Game Icontests
ff_idols // Final Fantasy Idols
ffx_x2_awards // Final Fantasy X & X-2 Awards
yrp_awards // YRP_Awards

To Affiliate:
Leave a comment with the community, what it's about (or what genre/game/anime/etc.), and whether or not the community is Friends Only (pretty much only for Icon Journals). We accept any icon-related community.

ex: hp_idols, Harry Potter, public

To Suggest Themes:
If you wish to suggest any future themes or contests, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion, or song title, or whatever you feel would be a cool theme for contests.
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