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The Suggestion Box

Harry Potter Icontests
ginny_challenge // Ginny Challenge: A Ginny Weasley Icontest
gof_stills // A Goblet of Fire Icon Contest
hgranger_chorus // Hermione Granger Chorus
hhr_lims // Last Icon Maker Standing, Harry/Hermione style
hp__ichallenge // HP__iCHALLENGE
hp_hush // HP Hush
hp_oscars // HP Oscars
rh_challenge // The Ron/Hermione Challenge
rh_stillness // Ron and Hermione Stillness
snape_stillness // Severus Snape Stillness
the_house_cup // Hogwart's House Cup Challenge
trio_stillness // HP Trio Stillness

Harry Potter Communities
hp_musicvids // Harry Potter Music Videos

Anime/Manga Icontests
death_contest // Death Note Icon Awards

Disney Icontests
disneyawards // Disney Icon Awards

Icon Journals
hells_icon // painstakingly // Friends Only

Miscellaneous Icontests
my_own_100 // 100 Icons That Are Mine, All Mine!
random_awards // Random Awards

Movie Icontests
lotr_sw_hp_art // Lord of the Rings - Star Wars - Harry Potter Icontest
silver_icontest // Stars of the Silver Screen

People Icontests
gackt_icontest // Gacht Camui
johnny_icontest // Johnny Depp
robert_icontest // Robert Pattinson

TV Show Icontests
rome_icontest // HBO's Rome
theoc_icontest // The O.C.

Video Game Icontests
ff_idols // Final Fantasy Idols
ffx_x2_awards // Final Fantasy X & X-2 Awards
yrp_awards // YRP_Awards

To Affiliate:
Leave a comment with the community, what it's about (or what genre/game/anime/etc.), and whether or not the community is Friends Only (pretty much only for Icon Journals). We accept any icon-related community.

ex: hp_idols, Harry Potter, public

To Suggest Themes:
If you wish to suggest any future themes or contests, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion, or song title, or whatever you feel would be a cool theme for contests.
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theoc_icontest, The O.C., public.
sounds good to me! Want to also affiliate with the other communities of mine (ffx_x2_awards & ff_idols)?
Sure. :D I'll go add them right now.
Hey! I made a new community: hp_musicvids. Can we be affiliated??
yup *runs and adds*
Adding you now too. :)
johnny_icontest, Johnny Depp, public
sweet, might I add this affiliate to ff_idols and ffx_x2_awards?
Want to affiliate with robert_icontest? Its a Robert Pattinson Icontest. Erm hence the name. hehe.
why yes I would love to. Add ff_idols and ffx_x2_awards to your list as well??
Hello. ^^ Would you like to affiliate with snape_stillness?

snape_stillness, Severus Snape, public

yes, sure!
OK, I'll add you back!

Deleted comment

yes, sure! I'll also add you to ffx_x2_awards and ff_idols. Does that sound good?


The idea of this contest is to be different from others. It rests on group winning and participation instead of just one person's entries. All in all, this is a Harry Potter group icon challenge with a special taste of minor 'role play' writing to spice things up and give it a true Hogwart's feel.

We are looking for those willing to affiliate with us and // possibly // promote us for the first round of challenges, to help us get off our feet. The full set of rules are on our main journal page.

Thank you so much for your time.
I'll also add you to ffx_x2_awards and ff_idols if you want.
Sounds good. Adding all three.