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hp_idols's Journal

Harry Potter Idols
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the idea for this community came from icon_idols, created by veeteenese

001. Icons must meet LJ standards (100x100 and 40kb)

002. Icons must be brand new and never before seen anywhere. Also, the icons cannot be participating in or have participated in other contests

003. During the first contest, any member can submit one icon. Following that contest, however, only those who submitted icons previously are allowed to continue submitting icons.

004. All icons submitted must be from Harry Potter.

005. You must be a member of the community to submit

006. Restrictions must be adhered to
001. Voting will take place with all members of the community, with the exception of those that submitted icons. If, however, there are not enough people to vote, those that submitted will be permitted to vote.

002. Comments/constructive criticism about the icons are also preferred.

003. If you neglect to vote for the amount if icons specified, then your vote will be discarded

004. No recruiting friends to further your icon-making skills.

Example of a Submission:


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